The best hits performed by children.
Music has always been the language spoken by the whole world. But now, when social networks and streaming services are blurring absolutely all boundaries, it has become even more accessible and diverse.

From Swahili rap to vibrant Jamaican reggae, here is a list of young musicians whose work will be interesting to watch in the future.

A lot of talented singing children became famous through the YouTube video resource. Anyone can upload an original song or cover to YouTube and hope that people take notice. For many famous kind singers, YouTube was the launching pad that helped them take their passion for music and turn it into a professional career.

Some of the biggest YouTube music sensations weren’t even old enough to drive when they were discovered, let alone steer their own new careers in the spotlight. Still, many of them go on to work with experienced managers, producers and other well-known artists, sign recording contracts, release debut singles and albums, and become bigger than they ever thought was possible.

Check out some of the kids, teens and young adults in the list below who now have thriving careers in music thanks to the viral power of YouTube.

Best hits performed by children (Pop, Rap, Rock, Covers)

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