Disco and retro musicClassics of Disco Music from the 70s ,80s and 90s. The most Popular Retro Mix!
The best disco music to dance at your parties, updated every week with popular songs and music from the 70 80 90.
During the seventies, the disco music that dominated was pop and rock being the best current disco music.

Disco music was so popular in previous decades that it is one of the genres that we still remember with more nostalgia and great joy, where actors, movies and the most successful songs are found.
Disco Music of the 70s and 80s with the best songs for dancing, with disco classics from the 70’s 80’s.

Videos of outstanding songs of disco or disco music of the eighties with instruments of disco music.
Disco or disco music is a genre of dance music with a mix of rhythm and blues. The best selection of most popular music for dancing in discos.
This app is updated day by day with the best hits ever.

Disco 70 music to dance and listen to the party being the best disco music for 2020.
Singers of disco and disco 80s to dance at all times.
Disco 70 and 90 disco music to share, being the best selling music and dance genre, with all the news updates
Disco music songs that will remind you of that time when the body danced with sounds and melodies of music.
All the novelties in house and techno music and great selection of disco, deep house and tech house music with party songs to give everything in the disco or dance floor.
Download the best Latin songs of the 70 80 90 for events and parties in 2020.

Disco, Retro, music from 70-90s

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